Artist’s Commission Agreement

By placing an order for an artwork commision you are agreeing to the following terms:

Artist’s Commissioning Agreement

This is an agreement between Nikki Bednall (Artist) and you the Commissioner, by which we agree that:

The Artist shall create the following proposed work:

Description: as listed on the Get Involved page

Materials: A3 printed copy

In consideration for the Artist creating the proposed work using her best aesthetic skill and judgement, the Commissioner shall pay to the artist £95 as follows:

£95 via the Artists online shop before she starts to execute the work;

Shipping costs and and overseas taxes, where applicable, are to be paid by the Commissioner. Such costs will be calculated in the online art shop at the point of sale. Any additional costs which may arise will be advised by the Artist before commencing work;

The Artwork will be completed within a month. If these timescales cannot be met due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances, the Artist will keep the Commissioner informed;

The Artist shall retain the original artwork.

The Artist shall retain the copyright to the work.

Date as per transaction date at the Artist’s online art shop.

This is a legally binding agreement between The Artist and The Commissioner.

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