I’m Nikki Bednall. I create art inspired by nature. My studio is based in Derbyshire, UK but my bugs can fly all over the world.

It all started with a life changing story which I blogged about. The only way to make that story a chapter was to use it as inspiration for the next chapter.

Nature and creativity are my great escapes so I’m delighted to combine these to deliver Thoughtful Bugs. Being human can be tough at times but after focusing on bugs through my zoom lens, I felt that life seems easier when you’re a bug and I made it my catch phrase!

Our thoughts govern our ability to feel mentally free. Art can express emotions which cannot be explained easily.

I wanted to start something meaningful so I used my talents to create art for fundraising. I have supplied cards to organisations to encourage donations at busy locations. Thoughtful Bugs have landed with a warm welcome.

If you’d like to purchase any designs please visit my Online shop

Follow me on Instagram where I regularly post photography @nikkibednall

For further enquiries email thoughtfulbugs@gmail.com

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